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Dig deeper on the Indonesian heritage fun facts.

The Story


When you think of Indonesia, what immediately comes to mind? Its 17,000 island should give you more than one idea. The rich culture and ethnicity traits have always been some of the first that came to mind, including its diverse culinary. So diverse, it makes it worth for daily conversation, and that is what Simpul Group brought to live through an initiative we called “300 Seconds of”. 


300 Seconds of is an idea we currently explore through Instagram account @300secondsof.  In the account, we provide people fun facts, myths, and stories of Indonesian cuisine history and heritage and deliver them through playful and colorful illustrations followed by witty captions  We delivering as much as 30 culinary trivia on each topic, imagining that each content will be consumed/read in 10 seconds, hence the name 300 seconds of! The topics include famed and daily cuisines such as coffee, jamu, kerupuk (crackers), and even rice. To those who share the same passion in Indonesian culinary just like us, “300 Seconds of” do follow the account! 

The book cover is graced with artworks by Domisilium Studio, and produced with vernacular technique.

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