As an individual, and part of a community, humans naturally hope to be able to leave a legacy by sharing a part of ourself to one another. Mediums and tools to do so are abundant, but what to share and how? Even more crucial, have we set aside some of our time to share it? We believe that everyone should try to share knowledge and stories about their desire, perspective, and hopes as part of an effort to connect. Simpul Group is constantly build to help people in achieving that. With methods we learned from years of crafting stories, and our creativities as a team, we strive to discover and tell people’s stories in forms that are worth the stories itself.




Simpul Group was established in 2017 by 6 people with skills and experience in editorial, curatorial design, and strategic thinking. All type of our works is done with a smart craft attitude. 

Fryza Pavitta P.


& Co-founder

Namira Daufina

Content Manager

Desi S. Puspita

Finance Director 

& Co-founder

David Irianto

Story Curator, Associates 

& Co-founder

Lala Bohang

Story Curator, Associates 

& Co-founder 

Belle Biarezky


& Co-founder

Lianggono Susanto


& Co-founder

Satwika Kresna

Art Director

Rizqi Hammady

Finance Admin

Tita Huang

Account Executive

Handoko Lun

Junior Editor

Adam Noor Iman


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Jakarta, Indonesia

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