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Narrative marketing set for a well-established design brand.

The Story



A design should always speak for itself, and more importantly, displays the true character of the brand. Bika Group, a renowned brand in the interior design industry, trusted Simpul Group collaborate with them and create several products of Bika Group for their clientele to enjoy.


Simpul Group relationship with Bika Group goes way back, as we have provided greeting cards design, newsletter content, and a catalogue for Eugenio Hendro and Abie Abdillah’s interior product collection, and several other projects. It’s important to us that we maintain our consistent value in our works, which is to make the brand’s vision come to life and present the best impressions to the brand’s target market. To ensure not only quality in this project, we were immensely involved in each step of the creation process, from conceptualizing, designing, all the way to the final touches of the products until their very release.

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The contents of Kiat Architects' book, Gentle Proportions: Residence


A 200+ pages book filled with residential works by the classical master, Jasin Tedjasukmana.


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