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A decade of magical and captivating designs from Domisilium Studio.

The Story


Domisilium Studio is a leading Indonesian-based interior design firm created and led by Santi Alaysius and Hamphrey Tedja. The firm has worked on numerous interesting and unique projects, which many would have noticed through the results. Some of those projects are Go-jek Headquarter, Artotel Hotel Surabaya, Kosenda Hotel, KayuKayu Restaurant and many more. 


The Domisilium duo is a restless duo that loves to share stories and believe in the power of it. As the firm reached a decade old, an important milestone of their career, they want to share their stories to audiences beyond the designer community through a book which later on titled Domisilium Studio: A Decade of Design Wanderlust. Our editorial and design team collaborate closely with Santi & Hamphrey for two years in creating a design portfolio book that does not look, feel, and read like a design book we commonly found in bookstores. 

Domi Book - Pers 2.jpg

The book cover is graced with artworks by Domisilium Studio, and produced with vernacular technique.

Humane, it’s the right word to describe the book. Design works that Domisilium created are not portrayed or seen only from the technicality, but more to the story of how it was created. The relationship between Domisilium Studio with the project owner, the contractor, and its own team are respected in this book because it is what shaped the career, ideals, and ignite their creative fire on and on. 


The humane aspects are also portrayed through handwritten notes, mood board photos, collaged photos of people, and the travel size of this 300+ pages book. 


The book featured a special conversation of Domisilium duo with a long-time friend,

Eames Demetrios. 

Domisilium Studio: A Decade of Design Wanderlust is published by Simpul Group and is available through xxx, xxx, xxx.

More Images

A special section of conversation between Domisillium principal with Eames Demetrios.

“I think you two, Santi & Hamphrey, are different but spectacular waterfalls plunging into the same pool.”



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