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Design thinking approach for

16 creative industries

trade directory.

The Story



What do we need to know when we want to know about Indonesian creative industries? How can we make an informational book about Indonesian creative industries that will be useful for the creative works providers and the buyers? Those are some of the questions we asked prior to the making of Indonesian creative professional directory books, which was initiated and commissioned by the Indonesia Agency of Creative Economy (BEKRAF). 


Indonesian creative industries itself consists of 16 sub-sectors and the books which are called ICINC For You are planned to be published  as 16 books, each covering one sub-sector. To publish such a book, means to uncover a set of problematic situation; one sub-sector to the other highly differs in stakeholders involved, therefore creating different situation, interests, and needs to be covered by the books. Our earliest assumption was that there will be significant differences in the content of one book to the other. The complexities of the 16 sub-sectors can’t be simplified into one format. 

DSCF1887 copy-2.jpg

The contents of Kiat Architects' book, Gentle Proportions: Residence

The workshop results covers: the kind of information needed to be presented in the book, how it should be presented, to what topics should be covered in the paragraphs. 


Simpul Group assist the project from the beginning until content creations. Bringing in 4 facilitators for the workshop, 3 supporting personnel, and 4 writers to conduct this project within 5 months. 


The books are in english, and available online through BEKRAF website.

A 200+ pages book filled with residential works by the classical master, Jasin Tedjasukmana.


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