Experience of seeing through an interactive exhibition.



Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia

We see that art hydrates the soul of its observer, that’s why it will always be needed no matter the conscious intention one has when consuming art. For the art provider or enabler, we think it’s one of the most delightful ways for communicating. Simply put, there is nothing bad in art. 


That is why when IDEAFEST offered Simpul Group to be involved in art exhibition production and management within IDEAFEST 2018, we jumped right in. For IDEAFEST and us, this exhibition  has to embodies an experiential value and creates a memorable visiting experience to all IDEAFEST 2018 visitors. 

To answer that, and also give a true art experience, we invite 4 talented artists  (Isha Hening, Lala Bohang, Romo Jack & Jun, and Rebellionik) o create 4 spatial artworks that explores the concept of “seeing”.The works of these four artists invites the audience to play and experience the spectrum of visual sensory. These spaces that explores the concept of seeing were named Cornea Room. Visitors are free to experience these interactive installations.

IDEAFEST 2018 itself attracted as much as 11.000 visitors in 3 days, and was opened by President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. He himself visited, experience, and appreciated the Cornea Room in the opening. An important moment for IDEAFEST, us, and the creative industry. 




Asian Games 2018: 
Unity in Diversoto
Asian Games 2018: 
Unity in Diversoto
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