Interactive design set-up for the knowledge thirsty audience.




Interactive, and playful, what would happen if these two traits are combined and transformed into a physical experience? Simpul Group worked with BCA (Bank Central Asia) to craft their exhibition at the Indonesia Knowledge Forum event, and as a result, we created a total of 3 installations for visitors to enjoy on-site. Other than to execute our take on the brief,  these installations are also presented to put forward financial knowledge through the environmental designs.


To break down the entirety of our installation, each one packs a different brief of concept. Our first installation takes shape of a photobooth, to cater to people’s universal need to document their fun moments at the event. Our second installation, is the introduction wall. We wanted to have the playful vibe beaming out from the visuals. Hence it took the form of a zigzag shape, decorated with Indonesia Knowledge Forum’s logo along with several quotes that might inspire passerbys. Our third and final installation, comes in 3 life-size boxes, directly connected to one another with each different designs and features. Visitors would have the chance to either simply get inspired, enjoy the fun of playing crossword, or to write on the walls, whatever it is they have in mind and wish to express aloud. 

source @voiceofhalobca

source: @arikwong


Asian Games 2018: 
Unity in Diversoto
Asian Games 2018: 
Unity in Diversoto
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