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35 years of the Aga Khan-winning-firm’s experience in classical residence.

The Story



Nothing is more classy when it comes to a knowledge-sharing more than through a book. “Gentle Proportions: Residence” is a book filled with 10 residential works of Kiat Architects,

a firm initiated and led by Jasin Tedjasukmana, one of the most experienced architects in Indonesia today. He and the firm is known among the architects, prime-property and hospitality developer for his classical work and meticulousness in creating architectural proportions. Although the work is delivering strong messages about quality and refined taste, we see that he delivered it through subtlety. Hence the name “Gentle Proportions”.

Simpul Group assists Jasin Tedjasukmana in the whole process of documenting his firm’s 10 selected works into a book. From consulting the concept, editorial structure, content, photography style, and design, to managing and executing the content production itself by collaborating with the highest interior and architecture photographer, Melanie Tanusetiawan, and our associate/stylist, Lianggono Susanto. 


The contents of Kiat Architects' book, Gentle Proportions: Residence

The book’s design and content structure reflect the balance of classic style and the refined taste of Kiat Architects’ works. The writings eloquently describing the creative, cultural and quality aspects of the works, while still informing architectural technicality to make the book useful for young architects to learn the value of the 35 years of experience in designing classical residence. 


The book was published in 2018 and is publicly available to purchase at Jakarta’s Kinokuniya bookstores, Museum Macan gift shop, and Dialogue.

A 200+ pages book filled with residential works by the classical master, Jasin Tedjasukmana.


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