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Touchpoints for the tangibility of creative consulting practice.

The Story


OMG Consulting


Simpul Group has managed a harmonious relationship with Oh My Goodness (OMG) Creative Consulting throughout the years with a series of projects together. OMG itself is a creative consultant that thrives in helping companies kick-start and elevate business. In this particular collaboration, OMG trusted Simpul Group to provide them with graphic designs services that caters their needs for both internal projects and third-party clients. 


It is crucial that through this design, OMG's goals and values are reflected, which are delivering superior marketing, building brand loyalty, and creating top notch marketing solutions. Our collaboration at core is creating a key visual, and its derivative. The application ranges from templates for presentations, branding for a workshop to in office branding, intended to make it an easier approach and  engagement for potential clients.




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