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A book label for the anxious, daring, and border-defying generations.

The Story


Gramedia Pustaka Utama

“In an era that demands constant yet fragmented attention, anxieties pops out in more places and situation than before, giving tiny yet perpetual pressure to our daily life. There are generations who lives in this uncomfortable land, yet despite the demands and pressure, they thrive. This generations are those who are able to dare the era’s climate, by having laser focus vision, emotional flexibility, and anxiety as a fuel to push through.”

Pear Press is a collaborative project of Simpul Group with one of the biggest publishers in  Indonesia, Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Pear Press itself is a book label created for the generations that carries traits such as daring, anxious, and continuously breaking the borders.  It is a project that works as an outlet for us to address our anxiety regarding the existence of books for these today’s dominant generations. We work with Gramedia Pustaka Utama to publish the stories which we curate, acquire, edit, and most of it, design under

the Pear Press label.


Pear Press was initiated in March 2019. In 2019, we have helped published 2 books, “Masih Belajar” by Iman Usman which documents his journey that got to where he is today and aims to inspire the younger generation to make an impact as early as possible, and “Selfie(sh)”, an anthology of short stories, prose, poems and sonatas by 5 talented and award winning writers, Adimas Immanuel, Faisal Oddang, Ibe S. Palogai, Lala Bohang, and Theoresia Rumthe.

Several writers line-ups that will fill Pear Press universe in 2020 are TB Putera,  R. Yuki Agriardi, Astri & Shelma, Sun Eater and all of its musicians, and many more.

“To the same demands of the era, we see that books are becoming an even more irreplaceable medium and object. Books are an uninterrupted exploration and revelation of an idea (or ideas), that gives the generations we talked before a safe house for thoughts and feelings in the land of constant barge for attention. Us that stands behind Pear Press hopes that the book we brought will provide such quality.



by Adimas Immanuel, Ibe S. Palogai, Faisal Oddang, Lala Bohang, Theoresia Rumthe

Masih Belajar

by Iman Usman

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