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A quarterly magazine for those looking for a wealth wisdom.

The Story


Permata Bank

Editorial works have always been one of Simpul Group’s forte., Permata Magazine by Permata Bank was one of the vehicles for us to exercise our expertise in that area. Responsible for the content creation for a few of their magazine editions, Simpul Group handles the delivery of Permata Magazine’s brand-new editorial concept, and by sticking to this new concept, we introduce them through the content of the magazine.  We were in charge of conceptualizing the new editorial structure, coming up with story ideas, researching reliable sources to maintain the credibility of the content, as well as text developing and visual imaging. 


Permata Magazine itself is a magazine created by Permata Bank for their respective and loyal customers, that has always been consistent in providing insightful content to elevate their lifestyle financially, and in general.



We worked closely with Permata Magazine’s ideal vision for the edition, and with the help of our team, PT Ide Untuk Indonesia, and Greenlab Group for client servicing and design for the magazine. We delivered quality content focusing on elevating the readers' lifestyle through strong family bond, heritage, and good business and finance management. We oversee the eas well as doing the entire content production for this 96 page quarterly magazine.


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