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Stories as energy

for the far-aways.

The Story


Why would a company should have a corporate magazine? Why is it important for them to have one? Is it still relevant? 


Our answer will be obvious: yes. For us the existence of a corporate magazine shows that the company cares about its people that they took an initiative to provide a medium that will allow people to take off-productive time, be refreshed, and mindful of their thoughts. It’s enabling a self-care for its people. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam is one of the companies that notices this. 


Simpul Group highly supports this vision and we provide Pertamina Hulu Mahakam services to bring those visions to reality. We engaged with this Kalimantan and Jakarta based company to illustrate the company’s values through a quarterly tabloid called “Energi Mahakam”. The values are embedded from the editorial concept, structure, to contents.

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The book cover is graced with artworks by Domisilium Studio, and produced with vernacular technique.

Energi Mahakam tabloid looks back at the definition of “energy”, which is actually defined into two kinds of energy: qualita and quanta. Qualita is presents content that embraces the company’s value, while quanta on the community’s value. In the tabloid, we respect the two equally, using Qualita as a section that’s filled with articles that showcase the people behind pertamina as well as articles that are more light-weight, yet still providing informative insights, and Quanta, to broadcast what the company has achieved by far and what they have envisioned for the future ahead.


The tabloid’s contents are produced with a range of tonality, from newspaper language to a light and spirited lifestyle magazine gaits which are delivered through a total of 20-30 articles per tabloid and 3-5 editions per year. 

A special section of conversation between Domisillium principal with Eames Demetrios.

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To ensure this tabloid is distributed to the company’s branches outside Jakarta and read by the whole team, we designed a distribution point in a form of magazine rack and a one-page website to download the PDF version of the tabloids. 

Listen to Energi Mahakam Spotify playlist we've created!


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