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a dog's gotta do,

Pitter-patter and clatter,

woke me from a dreamful slumber.

I can hear things scatter

which only made me wonder.

The usual drill.

Paws on the door,

look at me go,

waking everyone from their snore.

A few scratches on my chin,

a little bit on my head,

then she heads out walkin’

and I head back to bed.

Maybe a walk at noon,

and make my mark near that pole.

It’s never too soon

when I take these little strolls.

Hisses and meows

underneath cars and on the walls

never failed to bug me somehow,

how they stare and get in brawls.

I scout the trash

and ran for miles.

It might cause a rash,

but I must go past those bikes.

The sky turned purple,

then a little darker.

Now the moon’s smiling real subtle

and the TV’s turned louder.

It’s the waiting game now,

so I’m set by the door.

It’s the best way I know how

to hear that engine roar.

Pair of eyes, and white sneakers

peaked from the gate.

I jumped real high to see her,

no matter how late.

I knew who it was.

I could smell from a mile away.

Other than the chicken in her purse,

Now we play just like always.

I fought the bed.

Sniffed and sneezed.

Some fur might’ve shed

for I had too much glee.

Familiar to my flapping ears

are her mantras.

You’re pretty,

fat baby,

I love you.

On her lap I ended,

for the world’s best belly rubs.

She keeps me close,

and loves me the most.

- JO

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