Deskripsi Buku "Kiat Architects: Gentle Proportions in Residence" Kiat Architect

A carefully crafted book with a thoughtful selections on the paper, images and layout. A one-of-a-kind architecture book in Indonesia.

Jasin Tedjasukmana, the mastermind at Kiat Architects, wants to share his experience and knowledge to a wider audience, especially to young architects, through GENTLE PROPORTIONS: RESIDENCE. Has been dedicating his life in the architecture world for 40 years, Tedjasukmana always tries to understand and give respect to the cultural aspects that he wishes to bring to his design. He loves to observe the daily lives of Indonesian people, and carefully considers the local conditions in order to create a proper living residence. In these nine residential projects, Tedjasukmana has interpreted classical design into various artistic manifestations, whether adding it with a modern touch, a traditional Indonesian spirit, or even a Spanish inspired beauty. Combining his mature skills and in-depth knowledge, he proves that exquisiteness can be visually emerged through those well-constructed proportions. These passions are also what his team at Kiat Architects shared as a spirit to bring a harmonious translation of comfort, timeless and elegance through architecture.

After finishing architecture studies in Parahyangan University of Bandung in 1977, Jasin Tedjasukmana started his career by becoming an architectural practitioner at James Ferrie & Partners, a Singapore-based British firm that had a branch office in Jakarta. He was a lecturer in Tarumanegara University from 1978-1983. In 1978, Tedjasukmana officially became a member of IAI (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia). He founded KIAT Architects in 1987. KIAT Architects has done many projects both in Indonesia and international, and has become a pioneer of residential architecture for diplomatic needs, such as residences for Ambassadors of Indonesia-Swedia, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, and a few other countries.

Size: 25 x 30cm
Pages: 240 pages

In English

Gentle Proportions: Residence by Kiat Architects