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The art of consultation

through branding

The Story



At this day and age, we should all have already known how crucial the role of company profiles are, as they are the instrument to accurately publish a brand to the eyes of the media. Not forgetting taglines, which withholds a role just as important, to capture the brand’s image as close as possible in one brief memorable phrase.  Rega Optima, a company dedicated in the field of investments and consultations for companies, gave Simpul Group the role to take part in the creation of these 2 branding tools. The process itself included the direction of the whole content's flow, to the text contribution. So, what was it that we wanted to be reflected in this project? Through this OMG tagline and company profile, we aimed to embrace their not only their professionalism, but also their excellent ability to help a company grow. This of course has been a consistent quality of theirs considered the position they are in today.


image rega.jpg


The process itself includes directing the flow of the whole content to the text contribution. We are in charge of crafting the content of Rega Optima’s company profile and tagline for the company. What we try to convey in the creation of their company profile and tagline is their professionalism and their excellent ability to help a company grow.



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