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A forthright picture of today’s design landscape.

The Story


Since its inception, Simpul Group has always worked closely with the creative industry, in specific, the interior design industry. Over the years, our team has collaborated and engaged with key opinion leaders of the industry. Roommates media is one of such encounters. Roommates Media is a digital based media led by 7 passionate  Indonesian designers, Alvin Tjitrowirjo, Eugenio Hendro, Francis Surjaseputra, Kenzo Winand, Lea Aziz and Luthfi Hasan. 


The media was born out of the idea to bestow more exposure and raise appreciations on creativity and design from the public. Simpul Group approach the idea by utilizing a lifestyle perspective as an approach. It was then translated through the content model that provides the readers daily content filled with interviews with key opinion leaders of the creative and design industry. Through the interview, readers will be able to understand their personal take on creativity and design, and how it may impact lives. 

roommates image.jpg

The book cover is graced with artworks by Domisilium Studio, and produced with vernacular technique.

In this project, Simpul Group took responsibility of executing the art directing, managing editorial team and contributors, as well as all content creations and executions from writing, editing, to designing. We always strive in being involved and thorough in every single step.

A special section of conversation between Domisillium principal with Eames Demetrios.

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“I think you two, Santi & Hamphrey, are different but spectacular waterfalls plunging into the same pool.”



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