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Asian Games 2018: 

Unity in Diversoto

The Story


Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia

It is important that we acknowledge the presence of Asian Games as one of the decade’s most monumental and important events for Indonesia.  As the host country, Indonesia opened up doors not only for bonding and diplomacy over sports and sportsmanship but also over cultures and heritage. 


To take part in this important event, The Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF) built three pavilions that promote Kopi, Soto, and Indonesian Fashion, and inhabiting a portion of Asian Games' area in Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta. Simpul Group was trusted by BEKRAF to create the content that makes the exhibition come to life and the design for the entire pavilion, promotion materials, as well as motion graphics which were done by representing a famed Indonesian culinary; coffee. We contributed our creativity by providing the design that covers the pavilion and the physical form of the booth itself. We heavily implemented the element of Kopi into the design. We also got playful in the process of graphics developing which are connected and rooted in the branding of Kopi Indonesia. This was a great opportunity for us to dig a little deeper and expand our knowledge even more regarding Indonesia’s own heritage.


Key Visual for the pavilion's branding

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