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Stories Told With Us

Ranging from buttons to interface text, we did our best to write copy that would make the experience not only interesting, but accessible, with as minimal friction as possible. To create this clear and inviting interface text, we had to translate and understand research from other parties into copywriting as well as analyze Livin’s audience personas.


Mandiri: Writing UX for the Future

The marketing kit ultimately reflects AIKEN’s values by emulating their work ethics, the quality of their seat covers, and the experience of owning one of their products through captivating words and a vivid clarity. We crafted the kit to serve as an apt reflection of AIKEN, both from the perspective of the business and their clients.


AIKEN Company Profile:
A story that preserves.

Simpul Group was trusted by BEKRAF to bring the exhibition to life, designing the entire pavilion, promotional materials, as well as motion graphics. In designing the physical form of the booth and the design of the booth, we got playful in the process, digging deep into our heritage and what we mean when we think of the three aspects of Indonesian culture, providing a great opportunity for us to dig a little deeper and expand our knowledge even more regarding Indonesia’s own heritage.

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia, Asian Games

Asian Games Pavillions

With the Indonesian creative industry being categorized as 16 subsectors, this meant we had to make a book to cover each subsector. Each sub-sector highly differs in terms of stakeholders involved, therefore creating different situations, interests, and needs to be covered by the books. So in writing these books we invited 4 writers and 3 supporting personnel to bring to life the vibrant subsectors covered within. We developed these books from the ground up, contacting practitioners, writing, all to create a comprehensive directory of the Indonesian creative industry.

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia, ICINC


The books make the hunt easy by providing photos of each store’s collection and experience, complete with address, contact, and a brief description of the store. Readers can systematically find shops by taking advantage of alphabetical order, district and the type of products index, containing over 100 brands (almost 200!) which the Simpul Group editorial team carefully curated.

100+ Series

100+ Series: A Path Through the Jungle

Through the book, Afu offers a way of reflecting on thinking pulled from her own experiences, from aspects as varied as privilege and inequality, nationalism and humanism, as well as economy and the environment. At its end, the book offers concrete options to channel the ability to think, critically, into real action and contributions. Our participation in the creation of the book included designing it to carefully support the ideas on thought within the book, while also streamlining and trimming Afu’s text to be succinct yet highly impactful.

Andhyta F. Utami


What we took away from it was that these relationships should be mutually beneficial, a mutual symbiosis that works to “lift” each other up and benefit one another. The government and the industry should be involved in one another and contribute towards the mutual benefit of all. So the visualization of the identity that we crafted for BEKRAF communicates not only the mutual relationship but also the functionality and the longevity of the program.

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia, BANPER

BEKRAF: A New Identity

These co-creation workshops that we facilitated went in-depth into the contents of the book, from the content plan to the information design (what needs to be conveyed, contact, capacity, and more). Much like the books, we facilitated the workshops from scratch, designing them, facilitating, analyzing, resulting in the information system of the book. These workshops were about getting as much information as possible and generating an accurate depiction of the Indonesian creative economy.

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia, ICINC Co-Creation

BEKRAF: ICINC Co-Creation Workshops

We wanted to craft a marketing kit with language that was accessible, informative, yet conveyed all the ideals of AEON. Beyond just marketing a mall, we wanted readers to understand that AEON Mall is in it for the development, developing and growing alongside the Deltamas area, providing an oasis of entertainment and leisure for the formerly industrial-only area.


AEON Mall: Messages from Deltamas

The second installation is the introduction wall, taking the form of a playful zigzag shape, decorated with Indonesia Knowledge Forum’s logo along with several quotes that might inspire passerby. Our third and final installation comes in 3 life-size boxes, directly connected to one another each with different designs and features. Visitors had the chance to either get inspired, enjoy the fun of playing with a crossword, or to write on the walls – whatever it is they have in mind and wish to express aloud.


BCA: Indonesia Knowledge Forum Experience

We had to think hard to develop a fashion-forward, aesthetically pleasing design while communicating the values of the program, so that the program would be acknowledged by fashion industry practitioners. The visuals were all about establishing how the Fashion Founders Fund could help the fashion industry grow, solidifying the practitioners’ brands.

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia, FFFUND

BEKRAF: FFFund Visual Branding

In tackling this task, we wanted colors to reflect the spirit of the event, and thus be vibrant while not taking away from the BPS’ identity. We chose a blue and violet color scheme that culminated in a mountain shape with the Indonesian flag extending out from it, giving a subtle cue of grandiosity and authority.

Badan Pusat Statistik

BPS: Visual Experience

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