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Radiating 88rising Vibe in the Comfort of Your Home

With Head in the Clouds Music and Art Festival 2020 being postponed and the adjustments toward transitioning to the ‘new normal’ life pattern are in full effect, our means of searching for entertainment to get destressed from every day’s hustle keep getting limited. Though it’s a different case for 88rising because they keep on coming up with endless ways to keep everyone entertained and stay connected with them.

The postponement of Head in the Clouds Music and Art Festival 2020 certainly is not even close to stopping 88rising to keep sending their positive energy out there. If anything, it drove them to emerge with an even more epic way to deliver that pure 88rising entertainment. Thus, Asia Rising Forever was initiated. The event turned to the digital realm and held performances by talented up and coming Asian artists, basically taking the idea of music festival to another level, available to be streamed worldwide last May 6th, 21:00 PM ET. Thankfully for 88rising though, all performances stay on the 88rising Youtube channel, free to stream according to your own time table and desire. I tend to find myself coming back to a few of my favorite performances every once in a while myself, singing along and getting lost in the catchy tune.

The online music festival successfully brought together a number of Asia’s best talents to liven up the lineup. A few familiar names like Rich Brian, NIKI, Higher Brothers, Phum Viphurit, CLC, Hyukoh, Yuna, Keshi, Kang Daniel, Luna Li, and LOONA each made their online appearances, serenading fans with their best hits from their quarantine headquarters. Their performances clearly lived up far above expectations as the audience’s positive reactions still continued to pour in, even post the event’s broadcast. “LOL he sounded just like the recording. What a talent,” wrote an adoring fan on Rich Brian’s documented performance of “Bali”, one of his most recent releases, on 88rising’s Youtube Channel.

If music still isn’t enough, 88rising’s efforts to bring their vibes to you don’t stop there. Keeping those who still have online school and work-from-home duties in mind, in comes the awesome Head in the Clouds Music and Art Festival 2020 school pack by 88rising and Simpul Group. Getting some work done and checking off your entire to-do list would be a much more fun process with the school pack. Or, if you’re like me, this is also a great chance to not only enhance your stationery collection, but to also acquire an exclusive merch from your favorite idols. Also as a means to mend the little heartbreak for the fact that the Head in the Clouds music festival had to take a raincheck.

What might the school pack contain? Neatly packed in a sleek PVC bag, inside you will find a notebook coated with iridescent color, a holographic sticker, 3 pencils, and 2 erasers engraved with 88rising’s signature visuals. Be it a working tool or just mandatory cool merch to get your hands on, you can acquire them without having to leave the safety of your own homes and break the social-distancing ground rules. This exclusive school pack is up and available on Simpul Group’s official website and on They are even ready to be shipped worldwide so 88rising devoted fans from around the globe can all add it to their merch collection. Perhaps staying home and getting some work done won’t be so bad after all. - JO

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