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2020: Books, Horoscopes, and Everything in Between.

2020 is here! To get you prepared for whatever it is that might jump on you this upcoming year, here's a little concoction of 2020 horoscope predictions from famed sources. For those who don't believe in the movement of planets and moons that shone on our behavior, let this be a fun intermezzo to your new chapter!

Sit back, tuck yourself in, and brew some tea or coffee because we are not only sharing predictions for life ahead but also books that will fit to accompany you in the new chapter of 2020.

What better way to welcome the year 2020 than to be prepared? It’s best to get in the spirit of greeting all things that are new and unexpected. Realizing this, a fun little project came to mind. To start off the year, we have crafted for you a great way to get ready for whatever is coming this year, all the while a good way to kill a little time. What is it you asked? A horoscope reading book!

In this pocket-sized horoscope book, you would find premonitions for each zodiac that cover the most important grounds in your life, from social life to love life. You would get a good image of the self-qualities you need to maintain or improve and what your circle of people would or should look like for a great 2020. And to add more excitement, each horoscopes reading comes with the recommendation of a book that can accompany your life ahead.

We conveyed our own take of how horoscope visualization should be through quirky illustrations of the zodiac signs and other symbols are decorating each page of the book to mimic all the fun and mystery that awaits in 2020.

The book is available in two versions, black and whiter or the dual-color tone version. Should anyone special comes to mind, this book would be the perfect choice for a good wishes gift or if not, let this book becomes your personal enjoyment and inspire your steps ahead in life.

Shop away this horoscope book at our store on Tokopedia by clicking this link:

Now are you ready for 2020? - JO




This content is for fun! Please do not sue us if things aren’t going as the predictions says ;) Let’s ride 2020!






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